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You be You

You be You

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"New Year,
new YOU!"

You are going to hear a lot of this kind of talk now that 2017 has arrived.


The new year is a time when women especially, are targeted by advertisers to think we need to totally make ourselves over to even be allowed into 2018.

And while of course we all love the idea about making positive changes to feel better, these kinds of ads and magazines and messages make us think we need to do something dramatic to change ourselves to be “acceptable”. So bring on the resolutions that we’re doomed to fail at:

“I’m going to work out every day for an hour”

“I’m only going to eat super healthy foods!”

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love how exercise and healthy foods make us feel and we of course love thinking about and working towards positive changes.

But we need to be very careful about making sure we are resolution-ing for YOU and how it will make YOU feel, and not for what it will do for other people, and how they think we should look.

Also if we're too ambitious with our New Years resolutions, it's pretttttty likely we won't manage to pull off our New Years resolution.  Studies show if your resolution is too big or too vague it makes it hard for us to even get started, let alone do in a way that improves our lives.

But we got you! And we know that you can  do it if you want to make those changes!  So here’s our guide on how to start this year off right.

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  1. Start with setting some goals! Check out Em's top tips on setting goals for a way that makes it muuuuch more likely you'll achieve them.
  2. If you want to start  working out more, that's great! We are soooo pro exercise and its bajillion health benefits. Here's how you can successfully do more of it, and some fun ways to celebrate your body and get active.
  3. Other things that  proven to make you happier and more successful (which is like the magic potion for getting positive lasting change) are:
    Improving your friendships; by building awesome friendships and having strong friendships with bffs, not frenemies.
    -getting on top of your sleep so you can have a restful sleep
    Being creative and expressing yourself in new and different ways, kickstart your inspiration today.

  4. By far the best resolution you can make for yourself this year is to be kind to yourself. You can do this even if you don’t feel all this “self-love” stuff everyone’s always going on about, and it will improve your life.
  5. Lastly, you can just get on Em and be inspired to change this world through the stories about the game changing, totally badass young women we feature. 

Be inspired by awesome girls like Maisy and find out how she overcame anorexia.

Claire is speaking up about self-harm, Sahrika and Eva  are speaking up, and getting support for sexual abuse survivors and Kinanti is raising her voice to combat internet bullying, to name a few.

You can use your voice too, and tap into your INCREDIBLE STRENGTH when standing up to forces that want to push you down.

Get involved and be a part of Em,  reach out to us at to share your story.

Happy New Year to the you that’s got you this far <3 #beaforce

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