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A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember


Our Embassador, Ayla, shares her learnings for celebrating New Years.





For most of us, New Years is a time reminisce and celebrate. We push off the pressure of the year just been, reflect on the awesome things that happened and what’s ahead, and take the time to enjoy ourselves.

Unfortunately, what we sometimes forget is that there's a fine line between fun and safety. It's one that can become easily blurred and even passed when alcohol is involved.  

Being someone who was quite insecure about the way I looked, my personal safety wasn't the first thing I’d think about when my friends asked me to come out drinking with them.

At the time, I felt it was more important for me to fit in with a particular group of people than it was to look after my body. By my seventh drink I’d lost control –  half the night I can’t even remember, and the parts I can are embarrassing to look back on because they weren't an accurate representation of who I am at all. Needless to say, that group of people are no longer in my life.

My insecurities weren't the only thing I drank away - with it disappeared my common sense.  

So, when someone came up with the idea to walk through the pitch dark in the rural bush I was unfamiliar with at three o'clock in the morning, I didn’t question it. 

I, not being fully aware of my environment, fell into a ditch and injured my knee, to the point where it took months to heal. The scar I now have still leaves a reminder that it’s far better to be in control of yourself, because one nights actions can have serious and even deadly effects.

In saying this, there are precautions we can take to remain in control of our bodies, for example:

  • Eating a balanced meal
  • Not mixing with medication or drugs
  • Alternating between alcoholic drinks and water so that you're able to manage the amount of alcohol you’re consuming.

It also helps to be aware of when you're crossing the line of having a good time and losing control.

If you notice that you are confused or dizzy, are losing your balance and being sick or have intensified moods, then those are clear signs of intoxication and it's best to drink water for the rest of the night to keep yourself safe. 

You can have fun without getting wasted– what’s important is that you’re hanging out with your friends, leaving yesterday behind, and finding out what next year has ahead.

Let's have each other's back and make New Years 2016 a night we won't forget! 

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