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A Brave Move

A Brave Move

Scrolling through Instagram one night, Briana came across a boy who had shaved his hair off and it got her thinking...



The inspiration stayed with her for ages but she knew that she could only do it for a very special reason. When her Mum came across an article about Eva’s Wish, Briana decided on helping to make a meaningful difference.

How were you encouraged and supported to fundraise for Eva’s Wish?

My friends and family were the reason I was able to do this. When your family tells you that they are proud of you it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling and it makes it seem like you can do anything.

Mum, my best friends Brooke and Maraea, my Ranger family and my school helped to make everything happen. 

But I think what encouraged me the most was knowing that the money raised was going to help survivors of sexual assault.
— Briana

What did you do to fundraise?

I opened a Give a Little Page attached to Eva’s Wish. The majority of my donations came from there. Everybody brought a gold coin donation to watch my head being shaved too, which added over $200 to the online donations.

How did you get your school on board?

I wanted for people to be able to come and watch, so school was the perfect place. My principal gave me the OK to do it at lunchtime and once the message got out the teachers and students were really excited and proud of me. Students (and teachers!) helped spread the word and urged people to donate.

What was going through your mind when the clippers started buzzing?

My mind was blank up until the point when I saw my teacher hold my ponytail in front of my face. That is when it really sunk in that I was shaving off all of my hair. I started freaking out.

One of my best friends, my mum and one of my favourite teachers were up on stage and they were really great at keeping me calm. They reminded me there was no reason to be scared. My best friend took my hand and told me she was so proud of me, my mum gave me a kiss and reminded how amazing I was and my teacher told me I looked like a supermodel.

Obviously you have grown your hair for a long time, how do you feel about your new look?

Afterwards my friends were all complimenting me on the new look but I was too nervous to see it. Your hair is such a big part of your identity; you are known for the hair you have or don’t have. I waited about 40 minutes until I saw what I looked like without hair. I was shocked because it was such a change. It took a while for it to sink in but I have grown to love it. There are days where I miss having hair but there hasn’t been a point since that I have regretted doing it. I am in love in the new look and cannot wait to see how it grows!

What do you think made your fundraiser such a success?

As soon as I had posted it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter it got shares from friends and family which then meant their friends and family could see it and share it. Social media definitely made it a success and because it was such a great cause many people were wanting to donate to it.

What do you want to say to the survivors who you have helped through your fundraising?

To all the survivors that have supported me, by donating or by sending me a message, I want to say you are the reason I did this. If you are strong enough to overcome a struggle that is physically, emotionally and mentally traumatic, I am strong enough to shave off my hair. One thing that Mum said to me that I always kept in the back of mind was “Your hair will grow back, but a survivor's life is affected forever.” That is what made me want to do this even more.


Find out more or donate to support Briana's shave for #EvasWish.

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