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Celebrate Your Body

Celebrate Your Body


Exercise, let’s turn it into a CELEBRATION rather than a punishment.

People are always talking about how we need to be exercising - we all know it’s good for us. Like eating our veggies, or doing our homework. It’s enough to make you avoid it as much as possible! A lot of us go on exercise binges when we want to lose weight, and exercise can feel like a punishment as a result.

But here’s the thing:  exercise can actually feel good, it can be addictive and it can be AWESOME.

We need to do it with self-love, celebrating what our bodies can do, loving the endorphins we get from the experience.

It doesn’t have to be some awful thing we have to get through because of something we ate or because someone made us feel bad about ourselves. Let’s face it, everything in our world is telling us we should all feel terrible about ourselves all the time because we aren’t airbrushed… you look like a REAL person? SO GROSS!

Let’s get back to the good feels and forget about the looks. 

Exercise helps with;

  1. Mental health, it gives us hormones that make us happy, and less stressed. 
  2. It makes us less tired and more able to focus in school
  3. It helps us sleep. Sleep, that beautiful thing that impacts your everything all day. 
  4. It improves our health, meaning we will get sick less. 
  5. It makes us stronger. Not just physically but mentally too. Exercise can remind us that we can take on challenges and do tough things. So great. 

Also it’s good to feel GRATITUDE for the bodies we have and all the fantastic things it is capable of! We can get better each time we try something new because our bodies are AMAZING MACHINES that improve themselves with practice. Woohoo!

SO to get into a positive place with exercise, let’s re-think how we approach it.

We have four basic tips to get you started today and also links to good, fun starter videos you can do right now, all you needs a little space and time.

Just remember, you only need to start small – 20 minutes a day of anything that gets your body moving is all you need to start a new wonderful relationship between you, exercise, and your body.

You are an amazing machine.

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