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Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise

Exercise makes you feel better.
Here are easy ways to motivate yourself to exercise.

Illustration of a skipping rope
  • 20 mins is all you need. 20 mins of focused, regular exercise is all you need, and is very doable for most of us.
  • Do something that you find fun. Find something you enjoy, that you won’t find boring or awful, so you can stick to it. Or try something new each day. Whether it’s yoga, running, a dance class, a sport activity or walking to school, make sure it’s easy and fun for you!
  • Find an exercise buddy. Another way to keep motivated is to exercise with either a friend or your partner. You’ll keep each other in check and motivate each other.
  • Start small, then build it up. Sometimes we set a goal of exercising everyday, then when we miss a day or two we feel like giving up. Start small and just focus on doing what you can, day by day.

Some easy exercise you can start now.

Illustration of an arm flexing

You don’t need gym equipment or lots of space to exercise. Try these really short and really fun exercises today:

A little goes a long way

Beginner Yoga with Tara Stiles

Get dancing for 4 minutes

Pilates for your Upper Body

“You start something with good intentions, stumble, get frustrated, and give up. Be nice to yourself—stumbles and failures are going to happen, no one’s perfect.”
— Alan Henry

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