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Sex 101: Learn what YOU like!

Sex 101: Learn what YOU like!

We hear so many things about sex - it's all over the internet!

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Every movie has a love story, we sing along to songs about sex all the time.

But there's NOTHING out there about HOW to have good sex. So we decided to make our guide.


As young women, we’re told lots of conflicting things about sex – look sexy, but don’t be a slut. You need to put out - but don’t look desperate! 

But you know what the big secret is when it comes to having sexy times? It’s what YOU want that matters. 

You can decide whether you want to wait a few years, or if you feel ready right now. But having a great relationship with your body can start whenever you like. 

Good sex starts with you

Touching yourself is totally normal (and awesome!).

Often people just don't talk about it because we're taught that girls aren't supposed to be sexual beings. Well - that just ain't true!

Bringing yourself to orgasm  floods your body with happy chemicals, relieves stress, gets you in touch with how amazing your body is - and even helps you to sleep.

Women are JUST as sexual as men. When you get to the point when you feel ready for sexy times with a partner, it'll only ever be spine-tingly amazing if you know what kind of touch sets off the fireworks in YOUR body.

That means that you need to get in touch with your own mind and body.

What turns you on and gets you feeling flushed and sexy? Is it thinking about a particular person? Is it imagining things or reading about different scenarios?

Touching yourself will help you get to know your own body, and how you like (and don’t like!) to be touched. It’s something that EVERY woman needs to know.

So take some time to get to know yourself, and give your body some love.


There's this kind of myth that when you touch yourself, you should simulate  hetero sex- but that doesn't do anything for about 90% of ladies. 

You need to focus your touch on your clit - a little knob at the front of your vagina, where orgasms resonate from.

If you haven't met her yet, she's going to be your new BFF. It's actually worth getting out a mirror and having a look to see what you look like and where everything is. 

Here's an amazing guide to touching yourself. This guide is awesome too! 

Your mind and your imagination are your secret weapon for sexual pleasure. If your brain isn't feeling it, your body isn't going to either!


As you touch yourself, imagine things that turn you on.

Women often find that they need to be really chillaxed, in the moment, and thinking about erotic things to get really into sex. If you're stressed out and distracted, you're gonna find it hard to get anywhere, so indulge yourself and make touching time your special "me time". 

Listening to music, putting on nice underwear, reading a scene in a book that makes you squirm can all help to get you in the mood. 

Don't pressure yourself!

It can take a bit of practice before you get an "O" moment - sometimes you might even be a bit unsure if you've even had an orgasm! It's not a race or something you need to "achieve" - just treat it like lovely time you're spending getting to know you're body.

Weirdly, if you don't focus on "trying", you're more likely to get there. 

Lift off!!




This is part 1 of our series on how to have Good Sex. Keen an eye out for Part 2 on sexy times with a partner!!

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