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Heart Eyes For The Queer Guys

Heart Eyes For The Queer Guys

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Here’s why Em's binging on Queer Eye, and (if you guys still have power), we think you should too!! xoxo

From avocados 5 million ways,  to hairspray attacks on bewildered balding men- there’s just SO much to love.

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But what we LOVE LOVE LOVE about Queer Eye is how it shows that by opening up to each other and sharing what we’ve been through, we can connect on a whole ‘nother level and see ourselves in a bright and shiny new way.

Let’s face it,  these “straight guys” are all stuck in some way. They are dealing with some pretty big problems, just like us girls deal with on the regs, and that we talk about all the time on Em.

Problems like hideous anxiety. They might have lost a loved one or had a recent break up. They might have been abused or harassed and don’t know how to deal. Or they might just be feeling be stuck in a rut and don’t really know how to get out of it.  

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It’s easy to shut down when we’ve been hurt or feel alone.

We see even that even when these guys have big families or HEAPS of people around who love them (and nominate them for amazing makeover shows),  they're all in in some ways pushing people away.

Often they don’t even know they are doing it, until they have been given permission to see a more confident and open version of themselves (cue the tears).

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When life hits you with the hard stuff it’s important reach out when we want to shrink away. To talk to someone who’s been there, to cry with your bestie or to talk the profeshs to help things get better.

But you know what? Sometimes you need a bunch of fabulous gay men to swoop in and take over your life.

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To indulge you with mani-pedis, let you eat f*ckloads of cupcakes, teach you the proper way to cut an avocado, and say “YASSSSS” lots. It’s Science..

And somehow, after seeing how these poor guys shrink away and think they’re the most hideous person since time began, when you see how CONFIDENT they are after their makeovers, you actually find yourself crying over things like how great their beards look now.

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The Fab Five also calls people out on their sh*t. When the self-described “redneck” asks one of the Fab Five who’s the husband and who’s the wife, Jonathan pipes up “honey, that’s a little sexist!!” and proceeds to school him on how modern relationships work. PREACH!!

They don’t shy away from the hard conversations, like Black Lives Matter and religious acceptance of homosexuality. They open up, saying “I was scared to come here”.. and you know what?

Everyone's vulnerability lets the light shine in to these scary places, letting bonding and love reign supreme. YAAAAAAAAAAAAS.

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What’s amazing is Antoni, Tan, Karamo, Bobby and Jonathan show that being their own silly selves and being a force of positivity brings out the best in others. YASSSSS QUEENS!!!

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We heart it because it’s like Em in action – a big fuzzy group hug for erryone, and reaching out to people in pain. Queer Eye is about accepting people, and reaching out to them when they’ve gone into self-isolation mode.

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Now real talk, it’s sad but true, but sometimes there’s people (ESPECIALLY guys) are on the fringes for a reason - they're not safe people and might abuse the trust of a kind soul like your who wants to “save” them.

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If something is just a bit….off with someone, trust your gut, put yourself first, and keep yo’ kindness to yourself! It is not your job to save everyone, but it IS amazing what we can do when as a friend, group or community we open up and share the love… things just keep getting better! x

AND Queer Eye has just been renewed for Season 2, coming out the end of this year. So GET BINGING! YAS QUEENS!

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