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Happiness Hacks For Winter

Happiness Hacks For Winter

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It’s the middle of winter. School is getting INTENSE!

It may be the holidays, but even still it can be hard to keep your head above water these days.

So if you're feeling stressed (hello mum and dad fighting/ weird sexual encounter/ feeling the assignment stress/ best friend being distant) you might be having down days. Everyone feels like sh*t sometimes, but there are things you can do to beat the blues. 

So here at Em,  Em thought we’d help you out with a list of HAPPINESS HACKS that can help you feel better today

Now none of these are meant for a cure for everything that is hurting, and if something really tough is going on we ALWAYS ALWAYS recommend sharing it with someone you trust or is there to help.

OK, let’s feel better.

We all know exercise, better sleep and good food are a quick way to lift our moods, but let’s get creative about other ways to shake you out of your funk.

1.      Feeling blue? Seek out MORE BLUE.

Whaaaaat? Apparently being around “blue space” i.e water, i.e the beach does amazing, automatic things for your brain and body making you more relaxed, more creative, less depressed and more… chill about stuff. SO if you can, go to the beach, the lake, the river, the pond, the fountain. Whatever you can do.

2.      Put down that cellphone!

You'll feel a LOT better if you connect with people IRL. Make time for your favorite peeps. Social media does not replenish. Actual hugs and shared laughter does.

3.      Buy yourself some flowers, or pick them yourself.

Apparently this can lift your whole mood. Put ‘em in your room. Make YOUR space feel looooovely.

4.      Put your nose on an orange.

Apparently citrus smells and citrus mixed with floral smells make you feel lighter and happier! Rub some essential oils on your wrists and behind your ears and take a deep breath.

5.      Spend some time playing with your pets, or visit a pet store.

Bonding with animals makes you feel good. And less stressed about people problems.

6.      Take a break and watch that awesome video about animals being friends.

Taking mini breaks from study or just life to feel positive emotion is good for you!  

So hack away, dear embassadors. Buy flowers and rub an orange on your temple. Go to the beach, pick some flowers and feed some ducks and live your best life. xo

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