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When You Don't Wanna Drink

When You Don't Wanna Drink

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We’ve all been there – you get to your friends’ house or a party suddenly everyone’s yelling at you to DRINK! DRINK!  

So what happens when you’re not allowed to drink, you don’t want to, orrrr you’re just really not in the mood that night?

Adults like to think we can “just say no” and people will magically just be fine with that. HA! In the real world, that’s soooo often not the case. 

Sometimes other people will gang up on you and pressure you to drink because they feel like if you stay sober, you’ll secretly be judging them for drinking. 

When other people won't leave you alone, or just saying "I don't wanna" doesn't look like it'll fly, you might have to be a liiiiittle bit tricksy.

Luckily, that’s our speciality.  

We asked some of our Embassadors for their advice on what you can say when you don’t feel like drinking. Here’s what they had to say:

1.  Bring your own “alcohol”, like soda water and lemons, Redbull, or whatever you want to put in a water bottle to get “drunk” on

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2. Say you’re on antibiotics or meds that mean you can’t drink

3.   If you can drive, be everyone’s new best friend and be the sober driver

4.  If you absolutely have to hold a drink, sneakily pour it out when nobody’s looking. Or just make it into a prank and pour it out as a joke whenever your friends are looking

5.  Tell people you had something before you came

6.  Tell people that you’re intolerant or allergic. It’s actually reeeally common to come out in a rash when you drink so you might just get away with it

7.  Tell people you’ve got sports early in the morning, or some kind of *super important thing* the next day

8.   Blame your parents! Most people will understand if you just say that you’ve been in trouble lately/they’ll kill you etc etc.

9.  Be the superhero that every Em girl needs and say that you’ve been voted to go hard on the lemonades so you can look out for your friends if they need it.

10.  If people reeeeally won’t leave you alone, just leave! You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.


And most importantly, have FUN! If you’re having a good time and joining in with people, they’ll usually forget that you’re not drinking and stop harassing you.

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Have an amazing time dream team, and let’s all have each other’s backs – whether you’re having a soda water or a beer!

PS Here’s some advice from our Embassador Ayla on how you and your bffs can drink without things getting too outta control x  

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