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Getting Through Together

Getting Through Together

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Sometimes when life hits you with the hard stuff, all you want to is put your head under the covers and never come out.

But connecting with others is soothing for the soul, and can help you to remember how awesome people can be. 

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Being with people "who've been there" can be a super powerful way to remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that you are SO much more than anything that's happened to you.

You can learn how other people got through it, or you can just be with them and take some time out to relax together and de-stress. 

And even when things are fine and you're just trucking along, doing nice things with your friends is about the best thing you can do to stay happy and keep the stress monster away. 

A rad group of girls who've experienced sexual abuse have been doing just that - organising a youth group through HELP Auckland to meet other survivors, and to do fun stuff together.

The group is a place where you can relax, be accepted, and be EMPOWERED by the support of other young women. 


With a positive and inclusive vibe, and (fun activities like making cupcakes!), HELP's youth group has set out to create a safe place for girls to come and be themselves.

The group meets every Friday night, and you leave feeling refreshed every time. It's the kind of group that has you excited to go all week!!

We know it can be hard out there with all the negativity and drama that circles around us on the daily.

It’s so easy to become worn down and stressed out about school, work and deadlines. That's why finding a group that empowers and uplifts you when you when you need it has never been more important. 

There are HEAPS of groups you could reach out to - whether that's at your local Girl Guides, YWCA, a Z club at school, Rainbow Youth, your church group, sports club, or starting your own feminist group like some of our amazing Embassadors. Send an email around and see if a local charity could help you get it started and see what happens!

Getting through it together helps to lift the burdens us girls face erry day.

By joining forces and connecting (even if it's just going for a walk or doing some baking), we're making each other STRONGER and even more awesome than we already are. 

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And remember that Em's here for you if you need us!

Check out our Empower section for how you can cope when life is feeling just a little bit sh*t or you need some advice, and feel free to send us a message or an email if you want to get in touch.with our youth counsellors.

Be a force, and let's all get through it together!


PS If you want to find out more about the group, email the team at or send us a message on Facey

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